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Junk Removal

Whether you need to get rid of a single item or an entire house’s worth of unwanted junk, you can rely on Junk Trucks to schedule your next pick-up.

Bulk trash cleanouts

For all your cleanup, cleanout and trashout needs! We specialize in commercial property cleanups, estate sale cleanups and renewing your home or backyard. We save you money with our up-front, flat rate load pricing.

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Residential Junk Removal


You have a new place and moved everything to a new place, but your old home or office is still full of trash. Don’t worry; Junk Trucks can clean out your whole house or office. We’ll take everything away and get rid of it all in the right way by donating and recycling. We can do the job by working directly with your building manager or property manager so you don’t have to be there.

Residential Junk Removal

Remodeling Cleanout

Remodeling is the best way to refresh your living space and give your home a new look. Unfortunately, the job isn’t done until all the trash is gone. We are here to help you load up all the wood, tiles, drywall, and other things you are tearing down. We can take care of your home’s remodeling debris removal needs

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Residential Junk Removal

Garage Cleanout

A clean garage can be a useful part of your home that you can use for work or play. Unfortunately, it’s easy for your garage to become a place where your unwanted stuff lives instead of you. As soon as the mess takes over, it becomes hard to deal with. We can take away the things you don’t want and leave the things you do, so you can start using your garage again.

Residential Junk Removal


Tire of all the junk accumulated in your backyard? Cleaning up a yard takes a lot of work; at Junk Trucks we make it easy to clean your backyard and leave it ready for you to enjoy again, even if you aren’t on-site to meet us we can come in and do a thorough cleanout, time to enjoy your yard again.

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